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Application: Bearing components, automotive components. Gear bore grinding

Salient Features CNC or PC based control options. All slides on anti-friction bearings Auto-dressing &                                 dressing compensation On-Demand Dressing Suitable for super-abrasive grinding media.

Dresser Options Single Point diamond tool, Rotary – cup-wheel or disk or diamond roller

Grinding Spindle Options - Belt driven -3.75 kW, up to 45000 RPM Motorized High Frequency -up to                                                  120000 RPM

Work-Holding Options : Diaphragm Chuck - Plain or PCD locating, 'Shoe-Centerless' with EMag Face                                             clamping Collet Holder, Special fixture to suite application

Component Handling AUTO-Loading/Unloading devices to suite application

In-process gauging devices (Optional) to suite application
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  • Bore - Straight (Cylindrical) or Taper (conical) or spherical or complex profile grinding.
  • Bore & Face grinding- Inside face or outer face.
  • Bearing manufacturing (Bore & Track grinding) - ball, Cylindrical & Taper Roller, angular contact ball bearings.
  • Automotive components; e.g. gears, Universal joint cages, bell housings, etc.
  • Submersible pumps: Bush grinding.
  • Cup Bearings - Bore & Face (conjugate) grinding
  • Bottom Roller bearings for textile spindles (also called integral spindle or water pump bearings) Steel Ball Cages for front axle universal joint for automobiles, etc.
  • Single Point: Straight (cylindrical or taper/conical profiles) or Radius dresser (spherical profiles)
  • Rotary ('cup-wheel') dresser for cylindrical and conical bores, and bore and face dressing.
  • Diamond roller dresser for complex profiles; e.g. Angular contact bearing raceways.
CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINES CNC, PLC & Manual (see table for details)
Internal Grinding M/c CNC or PC based controls
External Track Grinding M/c CNC or PC based controls
Cam/Punch Profile Grinding M/c CNC or Manual
Face Grinding M/c (up to 2000mm OD) CNC or PLC based controls
Duplex Face Grinding M/c CNC or PLC based controls (Disk-Brake Rotors)
Hollow Grinding SPM PLC (compressor valves & valve springs)
Socket Milling SPM (Up to 350mm OD) PLC – (for Bearing Cages)
Other SPM to suite customer specific requirements
Download Brochure for more detail (PDF) click here
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