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Application: Punch Profile grinding for pharmaceutical TABLET PUNCHES & Metal cutting punch tools. Automotive                        CAMs, carbide toolings.

Process: Punch profile generation by coordinated movement of C-Axis and X-Axis. Wheel profiling by Z&X axis                  coordinated movement.

Max profile deviation from base circule : 50MM.

Grinding wheel: Standard-AluOxide, Optional: Super Abrasive.

Grinding Wheel Size: OD : 350mm x H:50mm x Bore:127mm
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  • The CNC Punch Grinder / Cam Grinder is a specific purpose machine for grinding complex cylindrical profiles for various tablet making punches, punching machine punches and cams/camshafts for automotive and other applications.
  • The 4-axis CNC machine, equipped with with our proprietary solution EazyPunchCAM, does NOT require any CNC programming skills for setting up the machine and grinding almost any shape. The photograph indicates only a sample of different shapes possible to grind on the machine. EazyPunchCAM leads operator through a query based menu. He has to enter only the geometrical parameters related to the profile, and the grinding allowance related parameters. EazyPunchCAM takes over from there and does the rest. The four-axis machine allows profiling of even the grinding wheel so that all three dimensions of the profiles can be managed in one setting.
  • The direct-drive linear & rotary motors, high performance digital servo drives and direct and absolute position feedback for profiling axis ensure extremely high dynamics. This is the basis for highly precise profiles and repeat accuracy.
  • Easy and rapid (within minutes) change over from one profile to another, high capacity grinding spindle, large-wide grinding wheel, and facility to profile the grinding wheel - all contribute to very high productivity.
  • APPLICATIONS: Though purpose built for tablet punch profile grinding, the machine is quite suitable for grinding profiles of automotive cams, camshafts, and metal & other punching machine punches. In case of automotive camshafts multiple cams as well as camshaft journals may be ground in one setting.
CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINES CNC, PLC & Manual (see table for details)
Internal Grinding M/c CNC or PC based controls
External Track Grinding M/c CNC or PC based controls
Cam/Punch Profile Grinding M/c CNC or Manual
Face Grinding M/c (up to 2000mm OD) CNC or PLC based controls
Duplex Face Grinding M/c CNC or PLC based controls (Disk-Brake Rotors)
Hollow Grinding SPM PLC (compressor valves & valve springs)
Socket Milling SPM (Up to 350mm OD) PLC – (for Bearing Cages)
Other SPM to suite customer specific requirements
  Download Brochure for more detail (PDF) click here  
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