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Model : CNC Cylindrical Grinders 150x800, 150x1k

Center Height :                                   150 mm, Swing Diameter : 300 mm

Admit Between Centers :                 800 mm , 1000 mm

Traverse Stroke :                              800 mm , 1100 mm

Grinding Wheel Size :                         ODxHxID : 400x50x127 (New)
                                                                 Drive : AC 7.5 Hp
                                                                 Stroke : 150 mm Max

Wheel Head Drives :                            (X & Z Axis) - Linear Servo Motors, Cog-Free, AC
                                                                  Feedback - Optical Linear Scales

Resolution :                                            X-axis - 0.0005 mm (0.5 µ)
                                                                  Z-axis - 0.005 mm (5 m) , optional 0.001 mm

EazyGrind                                               For code-less part programming

  Download Brochure for more detail (PDF) click here  
  • Traversing wheel-head: X-axis (Radial) and Z-axis (Axial) feeds are imparted to the wheel head, the work-piece is imparted only rotational movement. This results in compact footprint (2mx 1.5m) for such a large capacity and it facilitates easy integration of auto-loading / unloading of components.
  • Wheel-Head slides driven by core-less cog-free linear-servomotors. There is no physical connection between the slide base and slide saddle - no ballscrew. This means no backlash compensation and no ballscrew related programming & no maintenance problems .
  • Both slides are supported on rolling element linear bearings, X-axis on cross-roller linear bearings and Z-axis on LM guide ways, resulting in highly responsive and backlash free slides.
  • Linear scales for position feedback on both axis provide actual position feedback and not interpolated position feedback. This results in much higher reliability and operational accuracy eliminating need for an IPG except in the most demanding application. IPG is optinal. X-axis (radial feed) resolution is 0.5 micron (0.0005mm). Z-axis (axial feed) resolution is 5 micron, optional 1 micron. Both feedback scales are distance coded (semi-absolute).
  • Grinding wheel shaft and work-head shafts are supported on super precision angular contact bearings. These are packed with long life grease for maintenance free operation through out the bearing life.
  • Our proprietary Eazygrind query based component profile / data entry eliminated ISO programming. The operator is led through a step-by-step building of the component profile/parameters via a query based data entry; the operator simply provides the necessary numeric values. During data entry Eazygrind recommends the optimum speed/feed based on the component dimensions and cutting velocities. Operator has freedom to decide the most desirable feed/speed within a specified range; thus, eliminating sub-optimal machine utilization and guestimate bases speed/feed values. Following this data entry session Eazygrind generates the part processing program, stores it and is ready for execution automatically. OD grinding as well as FACE grinding are part of integrated Eazygrind program. Dressing and dressing compensation are also part of the same query based data entry. Programming in G-code is, of course, possible.
  • Work-Head (Spindle) is driven by an AC variable frequency drive; the drive is controlled by the CNC controller. Tails-stock is spring loaded and retracted by pneumatic cylinder. Hydraulically operated tail-stock is available as well.
  • Dresser (single point diamond tool) is mounted on the Tail-stock. Single-point-dresser. Rotary (cup-wheel type) dresser (optional) is driven by a servo-motor. Diamond-roller-dresser for wheel profiling is also available. Besides programmable 'dressing frequency', 'on-demand-dressing' is also standard on machines with Eazygrind.
CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINES CNC, PLC & Manual (see table for details)
Internal Grinding M/c CNC or PC based controls
External Track Grinding M/c CNC or PC based controls
Cam/Punch Profile Grinding M/c CNC or Manual
Face Grinding M/c (up to 2000mm OD) CNC or PLC based controls
Duplex Face Grinding M/c CNC or PLC based controls (Disk-Brake Rotors)
Hollow Grinding SPM PLC (compressor valves & valve springs)
Socket Milling SPM (Up to 350mm OD) PLC – (for Bearing Cages)
Other SPM to suite customer specific requirements
Cylindrical Grinding Machine Range
Model Center Height Admit Between Centers Remark
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines:
CLG:110-CNC 110 350 Ext. OR Int.
CLG:150x350-CNC 150 OR 185 350  
CLG:150x550-CNC 150 OR 185 550  
CLG:150x800-CNC 150 OR 1815 800 Traversing Wheel-Head
CLG:150x1k-CNC 150 OR 185 1050
PLC Controls, AUTO FEED. Hydraulic Table Oscillation :
CLG:110-AUTO 110 400  
CLG:150x500/750-AUTO 150 750 Table Stroke:500
CLG:150x650/1000-AUTO 150 1000 Table Stroke:650
Manual infeed, Hydraulic Table Oscillation & Wheel Rapid Retract :
CLG:110-M 110 400  
CLG:150x500/750-M 150 750 Table Stroke:500
CLG:150x650/1000M 150 1000 Table Stroke:650
  Download Brochure for more detail (PDF) click here  
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