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  CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine (CLG 110 CNC)  
Center Height 110mm
Admit Between Centers 300mm
Traverse Stroke 350mm
Grinding Wheel Size: ODxHxID : 300x40x76.2
Drive: AC 2 Hp, Optional: 3Hp
Stroke:150mm Max.
Axis Drives X-Axis (Wheel Slide): Linear Servo Motor-Direct Drive
Z-Axis: (Work Slide): Servo motor/Ball-Screw
Feedback X-Axis: Optical Linear Scale, 0.5µ Resolution
Z-Axis: Resolver, Linear Scale optional.
EazyGrind Eliminates part programming
Configurations External Only OR Internal Only.
  Download Brochure for more detail (PDF) click here  
  • Linear Servo Motor direct drive for wheel slide. The cog-free drive eliminates physical connection between driving & driven members eliminating ball-screw, back-lash, and ball-screw related accuracy and maintenance problems.
  • Wheel-Slide supported on highly responsive preloaded linear-bearings. This along with 0.0005mm feedback resolution delivers highly reliable repeat accuracies.
  • Grinding wheel spindle shaft and work-head shafts are supported on super precision bearings which are grease packed for bearing operating life.
  • EazyGrind, our proprietary query based component-profile, grinding parameters, and data-entry facility, eliminates part programming requirement. The operator is led through step-by-step process of building the component profile and grinding/dressing process. Operator responds to component geometry queries and EazyGrind suggest optimum speed/feed parameter values. Operator may modify these values within limits to optimize component processing. This eliminates guestimates regarding speed/feed values and ensures near optimal machine utilization. EazyGrind there after generates the necessary component processing code, stores it and is ready to process.
  • Dressing & dressing compensation as well as Ob-Demand-Dressing are part of EazyGrind. Various dressing devices are available – single point diamond is standard; rotary (servo-Drive) dresser with either disk, cup-wheel, or diamond-roller are also available.
  • Work-Head drive is by AC variable frequency drive controlled by CNC controller. Tail-Stock, retracted by compressed air, is spring loaded. Hydraulically retracted/loaded tail-stock is also offered.
CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINES CNC, PLC & Manual (see table for details)
Internal Grinding M/c CNC or PC based controls
External Track Grinding M/c CNC or PC based controls
Cam/Punch Profile Grinding M/c CNC or Manual
Face Grinding M/c (up to 2000mm OD) CNC or PLC based controls
Duplex Face Grinding M/c CNC or PLC based controls (Disk-Brake Rotors)
Hollow Grinding SPM PLC (compressor valves & valve springs)
Socket Milling SPM (Up to 350mm OD) PLC – (for Bearing Cages)
Other SPM to suite customer specific requirements
  Download Brochure for more detail (PDF) click here  
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